Our Sustainable Energy Future

With careful planning, fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship, Grand Haven Board of Light & Power is committed to building a sustainable energy future for our community.

This microsite is dedicated to community engagement for GHBLP. For service requests or other information, please return to our main website.

Grand Haven Power Plan

The greater Grand Haven area is transitioning away from being a single-source, coal-burning community into a technology-focused community with advanced distribution technologies and a diverse, sustainable portfolio of power resources. With a robust mix of renewable sources and partnership with other like-minded utilities, GHBLP is committed to delivering reliable, affordable and sustainable power for years to come.

Aligning with a Plan
5 Years in the Works

GHBLP’s path forward is in direct alignment with our strategic plan, shaped by years of community input and the advice of nationally acclaimed industry experts.

Strengthening a Diverse Power Portfolio

GHBLP is investing in a diverse, sustainable energy future to secure affordable and stable rates, reliability and environmental responsibility.

Restoring an Important Natural Area

We are committed to remediating much of our Harbor Island site for public and conservation use while retaining the most challenging portion for critical utility infrastructure.

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Your Voice Matters

While the transition to a new, diverse energy strategy is well-underway, GHBLP is committed to transparent communications and listening actively to community input as we reshape our sustainability portfolio and explore new technologies. Help us better reflect the community by leaving your feedback.