Grand Haven Power Plan

Securing a Diverse Energy Portfolio

A diversified power portfolio enables our community to meet customer needs for reliability and affordability while also advancing our goals for sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The Former J.B. Sims Site

GHBLP has invested heavily in its distribution system and advanced metering technology to improve reliability and service for our customers. Prior to decommissioning, the J.B. Sims coal plant was the hub for managing our local power infrastructure.

While our plans no longer included redevelopment for local generation, Harbor Island site is still home to the Grand Haven’s primary distribution substation and newly reconstructed connection to the regional transmission network. GHBLP will be working with City and EGLE officials on holistic cleanup at the island. 

Investing in Technology

An important part of the GHBLP’s strategic plan is to implement proven, advanced technologies that improve reliability, safety, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Distribution Technology

GHBLP has transitioned fully to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) including the upgrade of both residential and commercial meters across the community. The new system gives customers greater insight into their usage, so they can understand how daily activities affect the amount of energy they use. The system also enhances reliability and service by providing real-time insight into outages and power safety issues like downed wires.

GHBLP has also installed a new Customer Information System (CIS) and Outage Management System (OMS). These have improved customer support along with the implementation of a 24/7 call center service contract for backup support. Additionally, GHBLP has made improvements to its GIS system and upgraded its distribution system control, monitoring, and data management software and equipment. These improvements are all consistent with our organizational technology assessment and plan called for within our 2016-2021 five-year strategic plan.

Renewable Energy

Our plans for securing a diverse and sustainable energy portfolio include an aggressive commitment to renewable resources. By 2022, GHBLP will source 25% of its energy needs from wind, solar, and landfill gas contracts including a recent power purchase agreement for 14.4 MW of solar, most of which will come from Michigan’s largest and newest solar farm. Learn more on our Energy Sources page.

New Technologies

Along with other municipal electric utility members of the Michigan Public Power Agency, and consistent with the recommendations of industry-leading power supply planning professionals, GHBLP has been investigating the possibility of new technologies including increased use of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and advanced energy storage. These technologies hold great promise for the future. However, their efficacy and cost at a local scale are not yet fully proven to warrant an investment. 

How Did We Get Here?

Learn more about the years of planning and community input that resulted in these plans for Grand Haven’s future energy.